Treat your Feet with Parkinson’s disease

Treat Your Feet

By Valerie Johnson, PT, DPT


Pain and cramping in the legs and feet are common and unpleasant for people with Parkinson’s disease. Prop up your feet, relax, and enjoy some of these of ways to care for your tired feet and get some relief!

  1. The original foot alignment sock


  1. Yoga toes


  1. Correct Toes Silicone Stretchers


  1. Foot Massagers: small balls to roll under your feet.


Tennis ball- alternative

  1. Foot Wakers


  1. Plantar fasciitis sock- optional


Stretching: It’s free

  • Start from a seated position and squeeze your fingers in between toes with and without shift weighting from foot to foot.
  • Kneeling or child’s pose stretch with toes tucked under- Not good if you have knee problems.
  • Manually stretch your toes back one at a time. Also do isometric toe presses one at a time using your fingers as resistance for 10 seconds each.
  • Toes up a wall/ step
  • Foam roller or rolling pin

*Other Considerations:

  1. Epsom salt soaks in a warm tub
  2. Hydrate- drink plenty of water
  3. Ask your doctor about supplementing with magnesium, B12, and to address any lower leg or foot swelling
  4. Foot massages – manual or machines
  5. Pedicures- Bring your spouse, friends, and even your own bottle of wine while your feet get pampered. Don’t forget, you’ll be sitting in a reclining massage chair, so you can relax from head to toe.

Always seek professional advice from a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. This blog post is not intended to serve as a substitute for medical diagnostics or treatments. Consult your physician before trying any new products or exercises.

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